Care Collective is a creative zine for care experienced individuals, which allows them to share their experience in their own unique way, whether it's through artwork, photography, poetry or creative writing. The zine also offers this opportunity for older voices to be heard, a demographic which is often overlooked.
The project started as a spontaneous idea by, Lys Eden, a care experienced individual, come student social worker.​​​​​​​
What is a zine?
Zines are an independently published work, often in the form of books and pamphlets although can also be published digitally. The beauty of zines is that there are no rules and you include whatever you want, but often they include various forms of artwork and writing. They can be very cut and paste, DIY style or professionally designed, and they often explore specific topics or personal narratives from marginalised communities that are excluded from the mainstream. There’s also strong links to the early punk scene, feminism, any seemingly controversial topic. They’re often printed in quite low quantities because it’s about the expression and creativity rather than for profit.
How do I apply?
We won’t be creating the next issue until 2021, however you can submit your creations for the next issue by checking out the 'Submissions' page.

Branding, design and layout by Jordan Warren.