We are looking for submissions for Care Collective, a newly created zine for the care-experienced community. We are looking for poetry, artwork, photography, short stories, personal essays and more which explore the personal narratives and journeys of care-experienced individuals. This does not have to be an in-depth uncovering of your personal history or trauma, but rather using whichever mediums to share a glimpse of your story however abstract this may be. Our theme for this issue is 'New Beginnings'.
We recognise that care experience is incredibly diverse and impacts upon individuals from all walks of life, and we want to celebrate this richness of experience which has led us to become who we are today. You do not need to be highly skilled in the medium that you are using, the point of the zine is that everybody gets an opportunity to explore their own narrative in whichever way feels right. Each contributor will receive a free physical copy and the opportunity to connect with other care-experienced individuals through the power of art and storytelling.
To Enter You Must Be:
- Care-experienced (and by this we mean anybody who has spent any period of time, no matter how short, in care or from a looked-after background. This includes foster care, residential care, kinship care, looked-after under a supervision order, and adopted individuals who were previously looked after)

- 16 or over (no upper age limit)

- Living in the British Isles

We Are Looking For:
- Poetry
- Prose
- Short stories
- Personal essays
- Artwork (including paintings, drawings, crafts, illustrations, sculptures, ceramics,
photography, comic strips)
All submissions must be your own work. We want to include a large variety of mediums, so if there is something that is not on the list which you would like to submit, please contact us and we will see how we can include this.
Please try and send us the best quality images you can as it will show in the final print. When taking photos of artwork make sure not to crop off any part of it and try to photograph them with a blank background. These steps will allow us to display your masterpiece in all its glory!​​​​​​​
The deadline for submissions is 21st February 2021, endeavouring for the zine to be printed and shipped on week commencing 2nd March 2021.